The Little North London Kinks Tour
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Follow the Kinks through the dark alleyways and passages of


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If you don’t have enough time to attempt The Great North London Kinks Tour, you might like to take in at least a few of the major Kinks locations in and around Muswell Hill, as described on the Jim Smart / Geoff Lewis Big Black Smoke site.

Much of the research which has led to this route was carried out by Peter Ølgaard, Olga Ruocco and Jayne Morgan. You will need this map.

Wherever you are starting from, get onto the Northern Line of the underground, and travel to Archway. Walk across to the Archway Tavern (22). Sadly it is not a proper pub any more, so no longer suitable for a quick drink to get your tour started

Take a number 134 bus to Muswell Hill Broadway (8).On a clear fresh morning, Peter recommends the attractive ride up Muswell Hill Road.

Ray Davies mentions in “X-Ray” riding the 134 down to Leicester Square, although nowadays the route only runs as far as Tottenham Court Road.


Walk along Fortis Green (or take a 102 bus). You will pass Midhurst Avenue, where Ray and Rasa had their second home (anyone know which number?)

denmark terrace

After a while you will come to Denmark Terrace. Number 6 was the Davies family home (13).


Directly opposite is the wonderful Clissold Arms (12). Have a few more beers and look at the Kinks exhibits on display there. Remember that time is tight - you may have trouble tearing yourself away.


Continuing along Fortis Green, you see number 87, which was Ray and Rasa's third home (14).


Now take the 102 bus back to Muswell Hill Broadway and then a number 144 to Hornsey. Walk to Konk Studios (7), on Tottenham Lane.

A little further down Tottenham Lane you will come to the Working Man’s Café (7a) – the Lane Café opposite the police station.


Finally walk to Hornsey station and take the train back to town.

Don’t you just wish you had time for the Great Tour?                                    

(*)Numbers in brackets refer to locations on the bus map.