The Big Black Smoke
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Follow the Kinks through the dark alleyways and passages of


This is a clickable map. Click on the part of London that you are interested in to begin your journey.


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Note: each tube station *name* has a letter (or several letters) next to it. This indicates which tube line the stop is on.

B - Bakerloo (brown)

M - Metropolitan (purple)

Ce - Central (red)

N - Northern (black)

Ci - Circle (yellow)

P - Piccadilly (dark blue)

D - District (green)

V - Victoria (light blue)

J - Jubilee (grey)

Maps: Abbey Road, Archway, Berkeley Mews, Lavender HillMuswell Hill, Savile Row, Soho, Victoria and Waterloo

Click here to learn about other Kinks places not shown on the maps (This is the "Other Kinks Places" page).

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Praise for the Big Black Smoke:

Record Collector no. 235 of March 1999 on page 122/123:

"Surprisingly, the number of sites dedicated to 60s bands -
apart from one or two obvious candidates - is surprisingly low,
especially when you consider the number devoted to someone like
David Bowie. Take the Kinks, for example. Great band, great
songs. You'd think there would be quite a few sites out there
in cyberspace. Wrong. There are only a handful and those which
are there are a trifle disappointing.
One that is worth mentioning and which is highly original is
Geoff Lewis and Jim Smart's Big Black Smoke: Kinks London.

It's a simple but brilliant idea.
Take the London Underground map, a London A-Z and the Kinks
lyrics and create a site showing people in Wichita, Kansas
the actual location where Ray Davies' vignettes take place.
Great stuff and highly entertaining. Geoff's also done a
couple of other sites on a similar theme: The Great London
Kinks Tour and Little North London Kinks Tour."


Jan Backman : "Thanks for the greatest trivia-site I've seen! A sure bookmark..."


The "Mail on Sunday" articlethey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


"It was always my ambition to see Piccadilly, ramble and roam around Soho and Pimlico and Savile Row, and walk down the Abbey Road..."

~ Raymond Douglas Davies, "Life on the Road", Sleepwalker, 1977