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Main line station, Underground station and Area of central London.

Kinks link : Song title "Victoria".

Note: There's also a statue of this prominent queen in front of Buckingham palace. See the "Savile Row" map for more info...

Victoria (V, Ci, D)

victoria-station buckingham_palace_london

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Underground station and Area of central London.

Kinks link : mentioned in "Life on the Road"

Pimlico (V)


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King's Road

Street in central London. Centre of the so-called "Swinging London" 60s thing, when things were really "fab". The Kinks were at the heart of the swinging city scene.

Kinks link : mentioned in "Did Ya"

Sloane Square (Ci, D)

King's Road runs west from Sloane Square.

King's Road

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Bywater Street

Street in central London. Home of Ray's friend, Ned Sherrin, TV and film producer. director etc.

Kinks link : mentioned in "Did Ya"

Sloane Square (Ci, D)

West along King's Road, Bywater Street is on right, about 1/2 mile.

bywater street

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Cadogan Square

Square in central London.

Kinks link : mentioned in "Did Ya"

Sloane Square (Ci, D)

West along King's Road, right into Cadogan Gardens, which leads into Cadogan Square.

Cadogan Square

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Chelsea Drugstore

Pub in central London. Very fashionable in the 60s. Now it is a McDonalds.

Kinks link : mentioned in "Did Ya"

Stones fans will know it also appears in "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Sloane Square (Ci, D)

West along King's Road, McDonald's (formerly Chelsea Drugstore) on left, about 1/2 mile.


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Chiswick Bridge

Bridge in west London, on the route of the annual Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race.

Kinks link : mentioned in "London"

Kew Gardens (D)

Directions : down West Park, right onto Mortlake Avenue, left onto Lower
Richmond Road, left onto Clifford Avenue - on to bridge


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Rotten Row

Horse path in central London

Kinks link : Location for publicity shots in red hunting jackets and with horses.

Knightsbridge (P)

Right onto Knightsbridge, cross road, left into Hyde Park through Albert gate, across South Carriage Drive, Rotten Row crosses a few yards ahead.

Rotten Row

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Albert Hall

Performance Theatre in Kensington.

Kinks link: mentioned in "Session Man" and venue for several Ray Davies gigs.

 South Kensington (C, D, P)

Walk north on Exhibition Road.The Hall is on Kensington Gore opposite Kensington Gardens.


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"Went for a walk down the Old King's Road, To see if anybody was there. But there was nobody home at 3 Bywater Street, And they had sold Cadogan Square. And I remember myself in my tie dye sweater, And my hipster corduroy flares. As I knocked on doors, And walked down one-way streets that led nowhere..." -Ray Davies, Did Ya

Choose a map (each shows a small portion of London): Abbey Road, Archway, Berkeley Mews, Lavender HillMuswell Hill, Savile Row, Soho, Victoria and Waterloo

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Note: each tube station *name* has a letter (or several letters) next to it. This indicates which tube line the stop is on

 B - Bakerloo (brown)

 M - Metropolitan (purple)

 Ce - Central (red)

 N - Northern (black)

 Ci - Circle (yellow)

 P - Piccadilly (dark blue)

 D - District (green)

 V - Victoria (light blue)

 J - Jubilee (grey)


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